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The Fine Art of Photography .........



Craig Morey - Selected Publications



Selected Art Publications 1977 to present

Eros and Photography (Camerawork Press, 1977)

San Francisco Bay Guardian (11:18, 13:33)

Photo Friebourg 1978 (Musee d'Art et d'Histoire)

Picture Magazine (#8)

Boulevards (#3)

Magic Silver 1979 (Murray State Univ. Press)

Self-Portrayal (Friends of Photography, 1979)

Darkroom Photography (1:2)

Picture Paper (#6)

Northwest Photography (July 1979)

Wet Magazine (#20)

Photographing Nudes (Charles Hamilton, Prentis Hall, 1980)

Photography for Collectors (1980)

Darkroom Photography (Dec. 81)

Photoshow (June 81)

Photography Year 1981 - Discoveries (Time-Life Books)

The Advocate (#401)

River Styx (9/82)

Future Sex (Vol 1 #1, 1992, Cover)

Photographie (4/92)

Libido (Summer 92, Fall 92, Summer 94)

Craig Morey / Studio Nudes (1992) (Penthouse Book & Video Society, New York) monograph

Graphis Nudes (1993)

Journal of Erotica ( Vol. 5 and Vol. 9, Cover)

Cupido (Vol. 47 #3, 1994; various ed. 1995-96)

Paramour (Vol. 1, # 2 and Vol 1, #3)

Body/Expression/Silence (1994) (Le Mershe, Tokyo) monograph

PIC Magazine (Nov. 94, Cover)

NUDES, Graphis Photo 94

The Ages of Lulu, by Almudena Grandes (Grove/Atlantic 1994, Cover)

ColorFoto (Mar. 95, Cover)

Secret Photo Anthology, Belgium (95) Photo Anthology 2 (97) Photo Anthology 3 (00)

La Fotografia, Spain (Dec. 95)

The River Ophelia, by Justine Ettler (McMillan, Australia 1995, Cover)

Nudes 2 (Artual, S.L. 1996, Cover)

LINEA (1996) (Korinsha Press, Kyoto) monograph

Desnudos Contemporaraneos (Artual SL Ediciones, Barcelona, 1997)

I Am My Lover, by Joani Blank, ed. (Down There Press, 1997)

Masquerade, New York, 1997 (cover)

Progresso Fotografico, Milan Italy, #10 Jan 1998

Erotique - Masterpieces of Erotic Photography, by Rod Ashford, ed. (Carlton Books 1998)

Fermentation, by Amanda J. (Grove/Atlantic 1998, Cover)

Contemporary Nude Photography 2 (Artual SL Ediciones, Barcelona, 1999)

Erotique Bottoms (Carlton Books, London) 2000

Erotique Legs (Carlton Books, London) 2000

Secret Fetish Photo Anthology Vol. 3 (Glitter, Brussels Belgium) 2000

20th Century Studio Nudes (monograph, Glaspalast Edition, Augsburg) 2001

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage (Midori, Greenery Press) 2001

Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography (Maxim Jakubowski & Marilyn Jaye Lewis) 2001

Blonde - Masterpieces of Erotic Photography (ed. Michelle Olley) Carlton Books, London, 2002

Femmes: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography (ed. Michelle Olley) Carlton Books, London, 2002

NZ Magazine, Dec 2002, Issue 12 (Cover)

Lighting for Nude Photography by Rod Ashford (RotoVision SA, 2002)

Sex - A Walk on the Wild Side (2003) Tony Mitchell, ed.

Classic Glamour Photography (2003) by Duncan Evans (Amphoto Books)

Secret Fetish Photo Anthology Vol. 4 (Glitter, Brussels Belgium) 2003

Naked (2004) ed. Lars Oscenda (Feierabend, Berlin)

Jade Magazine, Special Reserve Collection 2004 (Yorkshire, UK)

Moist, Vol 1, Issue 2, 2004 (Ottowa,Canada)

PhotoSex, ed. David Steinberg 2004 (Down There Press, SF)

Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotic Women 2005 (ed. Maxim Jakubowski) Carroll & Graf / Avalon Publishing, New York 2005.

Erotic Websites (Feierabend Cube Collection, Berlin) 2006

World's Greatest Erotic Art (ES Publishing 2007) Vol. 1

Secret Fetish Photo Anthology Vol. 5 (Glitter, Brussels Belgium) 2007

New Erotic Photography (Ed. Eric Kroll, Dian Hanson, Taschen, Germany, 2007)

My Favorite Model (Goliath, Germany, 2008)

Fetish, The Best of International Contemporary Fetish Photography (Feierabend Unique Books, 2008)

The Best of Bondage, Goliath Super Collection (Goliath, Germany, 2009)

Erotic Review, Photographer of the Year 2009 - The Book (Jamie Maclean, Ed.) (Erotic Review Books, London, 2009)

The Best of International Nudes Photography / Nudes Index II (Feierabend Unique Books, Berlin) 2009

Boobs Mania (Martin Sigrist, Ed.) Edition Skylight, Zurich, Switzerland 2010

Mammoth Book of New Erotic Photography 2010 (ed. Maxim Jakubowski) Constable Robinson, London 2010.

Le Grand Livre De La Nouvelle Photographie Erotique (Maxim Jakubowski ed.) Editions Blanche, Paris 2011

EROTICA - The Nude in Contemporary Photography (Akt Photo Akt Ed. Germany 2011)

Nudes Index 3 / The Best of International Nudes Photography (Feierabend Unique Books, Koln Germany) 2013

The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography Vol. 4 (ed. Maxim Jakubowski) Running Press / Constable Robinson, London 2013

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