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All photographs © by Craig Morey. Contact: Morey Studio PO Box 8747 Emeryville CA 94662. All content on this site is protected by US and International copyright laws. No use of any image in any media is permitted without written permission from the copyright holder, Craig Morey.


The Fine Art of Photography .........

  LINEA - 35 Nudes by Craig Morey



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LINEA - Thirty-Five Nudes by Craig Morey, with a foreward by Yoshinori Kaneko. Translated by Michel Howard Maesaka; designed by Masahide Yoshida and Satomi Araki. Published by Korinsha Press & Co., Ltd., Kyoto, Japan. Publisher is Atsuhide Nakajima.

Hardcover in transparent slipcover; approx. 6 x 7", 48 pp. ISBN: 4-7713-0227-8


LINEA - 35 Nudes by Craig Morey

"Achingly beautiful are the words that pop to mind when viewing Craig Morey's photographs...." Russ Kick, Outposts

"Morey is the E.J. Bellocq of the 90's" Don Myrus, Penthouse Magazine

"Morey's classic nudes and hand printed images make him the Ansel Adams of the human form." Ken Gaghan, KBLX Radio

"The nude models of Craig Morey...... a substantiation of Eros which transcends both past and present" Yoshinori Kaneko, from the Foreword to LINEA.

All copies from MoreyStudio are signed and inscribed to the buyer.

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20th Century Studio Nudes

"Morey...has clearly found his own unmistakeable style...he has created his own optical values. This is a very rare achievement.

Peter Ulrich, from the Foreword to 20th CENTURY STUDIO NUDES